Our Favorite Luxury Purses

Our Favorite Luxury PursesThere are different ideas as to what purse is. As to normal and day to day living, you usually see women carrying their purses all over the city. The small size of a purse makes it easier to carry compared to those big bags out there in the market.

Well, a purse is actually a small bag. Most of the time, it is intended to carry coins. American people usually terms it as a handbag. Women have different kinds of purse depending on what is called “mood of the day.” Colors, design, and even little details do vary. Some are expensive, these are luxury purses to be politer; while some are bargained.

Women deserve the best purse in the world. So if you are a man and in your circumstances allow you to give something to someone you love, then grab the opportunity. Every woman loves surprises and to receive something valuable will make them love you more.

For women out there, your favorite luxury purses can now be bought online. Just visit the site whom you know offering such deals, make an account, pay via internet banking, and wait for just a few days to get your order be delivered to you. Carry unique purse everyday depending on your mood. If you are happy, bring a purse that signifies happiness as well like those bright colors. It can also be used to switch your moods from being negative to positive.

For example, you are lonely upon you wake up. Do not carry it throughout the day, instead of carrying dark colored purses, pick those which have brighter colors to change your mood. Use those purses which are suitable and comfortable for you to use. This will enhance your confidence and pride as well to an acceptable degree. Do not brag!

For many women, having their favorite purse makes them at ease and gorgeous. Do not put some important files in your purse like a large sum of money. Put only coins, debit or credit cards. Automated Teller cards are more portable to bring since you do not need to carry significant cash with you. Additionally, in case stolen, you can easily report it to the authorized personnel and you can block some access to your card without losing financially.

Never expect men to carry colorful purses as they walk along the streets of New York. It is a privilege given to women. It adds to their glamor and elegance.…

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You Don’t Have To Spend Four Figures For Prada Handbags

You Don't Have To Spend Four Figures For Prada HandbagsIf you’re looking to invest in Prada handbags, you already know that sticker shock is a deterrent. With the internet being overrun by sites selling fake handbags, or worse, fake handbags being sold as authentic handbags, it can be overwhelming to make sure you’re getting a good deal on an authentic Prada product. If owning an authentic designer handbag that doesn’t break the bank is important to you, you may be relieved to know that there are options available to make sure you’re getting both an authentic Prada handbag and a good deal.

New Handbags

There are actually Prada handbags that retail for less than a thousand dollars. The selection is small, but they do exist and the options still have all the quality you expect from an authentic Prada design. If you’re looking for the easy route that involves the least amount of risk and takes the smallest amount of investigative prowess, this option is available. It’s also potentially a good stepping stone to becoming a valued boutique customer so you can get the heads up on private events and clearance sales.

You can also wait for sales and/or go to outlet stores. There are authentic Prada outlet stores in the US, and though their schedules differ on when their sales are likely to happen, some stores are fairly predictable. You can also try to get on mailing or invite lists, especially if you’re already a current customer at one of these Prada boutiques. Being nice to sales associates can also sometimes get you the scoop on when the next sale will be.

What can you expect in terms of inventory at Prada outlet stores? They’re likely to have some seasonal bags that have been in boutique inventories for a year or two, so if you’re looking for a seasonal bag from last year, you may be in luck. They also often have current-season bags on sale, especially in the more well stocked boutiques. If you visit a Prada boutique during a clearance sale, be prepared to see racks of other Prada products and accessories you might want to pick up for great deals as well.

Resale Handbags

If you’re willing to buy used, Prada is one of the brands that will resale for about half its original price. This gives you more purse for your budget. Prada is known for making bags that resist water damage or wear and tear, so you’re more likely to be able to find a like-new handbag for a great deal. If you have your eye on a particular seasonal bag that is unlikely to be easy to acquire new, buying resale might be your only option.

There are sites available online that resell Prada bags. To make sure the site is reputable, you’ll want to google them to see what their reputation is with previous customers. You might also want to reassure yourself by looking at their seller’s policies. If they have professionals authenticate the handbags before they’ll list them, and customers are satisfied with their experience, and they’ve been well-reviewed by people who are passionate about designer handbags, chances are likely they’re one of the sites you can trust. Sites that have been getting good reviews as of the date of this article include Heritage Auctions and Fashionophile, but if you see something you like at another site, don’t be afraid to investigate. If the price seems reasonable and the site seems reputable and has a good return policy, you might be ok taking the risk.

Either way you choose to go, you can rest easier knowing that the place you’re looking to get a deal from is making sure they are carrying authentic Prada handbags to keep their customers happy.…

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How In The World Do You Get A Hermès Special Order Bag?

How In The World Do You Get A Hermès Special Order BagHermès is a brilliant brand that has mastered that art of creating desire, as the Paris-based company’s CEO proudly states. The most prized product that Hermès has to offer is the precious Birkin bag.  One of the biggest mysteries in the world of luxury handbag consumers is how anyone manages to get their hands on a Hermès special order bag.   What strategies have been successful for determined fashionistas?

Become established as a regular buyer at Hermès, and pay for other items on time, for a long span of time

One inspiring Birkin owner first attempted to purchase the highly sought-after bag after buying a piece of jewelry and a scarf. She asked to see a Birkin, and was told there were none in stock, but her name could be added to a waitlist. She waited, and waited, stopping into the Hermès boutique occasionally to purchase a small item and check if any bags were in stock.  After about 18 months, and spending over a $1,000 in miscellaneous purchases, a Birkin appeared.

Work around the brand, if you don’t have a relationship with a sales associate

It has been helpful for some successful Hermès special order bag owners to present a prestigious credit card, like the American Express Platinum Concierge. One woman called to request a bag be put on hold, the sales associate called several stores and in less than an hour she was picking up her bag. She has managed to purchase three Hermès special order bags as an AmEx concierge user.

Become friendly with a new sales associate

Another happy customer wanted to browse the bracelets and scarves at Hermès in Paris. She wasn’t planning on buying a Hermès special order bag that day. The friendly sales associate opened up a dialogue about the new season colors and the consumer mentioned how she loved the bright hues. She casually mentioned how a matching handbag would be the perfect complement to her bracelet.  The associate slipped away momentarily after checking his computer. Shortly afterward he returned with a Birkin bag to match the bracelet she was admiring. The customer was thrilled to purchase both items.

Be confident and make it clear that you deserve a Birkin bag

An informative sales associate shared this tip with one timid shopper, to get the opportunity to purchase a Hermès special order bag, you first need to be deserving of it. This may sound like a turn-off, or a bit too snobbish for your tastes, but if you want the bag, you need to play the game. This lucky buyer adjusted her attitude and snagged a customized Birkin handbag.…

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The Houses That Make The Highest-Quality Italian Designer Bags

Everyone in the fashion industry recognizes Italy as one of the most prominent fashion empires in the modern world. The luxury clothing and accessories designed in by Italian Fashion houses are some of the highest quality and most iconic across the globe. Celebrities and prominent world figures make bold statements on the red carpet and their everyday lives by carrying Italian designer bags from the houses of Gucci, Armani, Versace, Prada, and Fendi.

These five leaders of the Italian fashion industry have perfected the art of craftsmanship in making bags that are the finest accessories money can buy. The highest quality Italian designer bags are crafted with the very best leathers, silks, suedes, metals and stones. They clearly articulate the vision of the designer and make the person using it feel proud and confident.

Top Five Fashion Houses And The Luxury Bags You Have To Have

Some of the most renowned designers in the world come from the fashion houses of Italy. They design high quality clothing and designer bags and have held tops spots in the fashion industry for decades. The top five houses, Gucci, Armani, Versace, Prada, and Fendi are all ranked in the top ten of fashion houses in the world and have earned the recognition time and time again.

  • Gucci is a household name for most people that love fashion. Founded in 1921, Gucci claimed the top spot for number one selling brand in Italy and has been a staple in the fashion industry since the 1980’s. The Jackie Shoulder Bag is a bag every woman should own.
  • Armani is one of the largest fashion houses in Italy with many sub-labels associated with the brand as well. They specialize in almost every type of fashion from ready to wear and haute couture to accessories and leatherwear. The Messenger Bag is affordable and great for carrying technology in a stylish way.
  • Versace is one of the most luxurious of Italian brands. Founded by Gianni Versace in 1978, his untimely death lead to his sister, Donatella, taking over the fashion throne. The Palazzo Empire Bag is great for being on the go.
  • Prada is one of the most iconic names in the Italian fashion scene. One of the longest running, they have been able to create luxury bags that are now considered fashion staples for women. The Saffiano Bag is a bag that will never go out of style.
  • Fendi has become famous for their “baguette” style bags and reign supreme when it comes to leatherwork and craftsmanship.
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When Can An Upscale Wallet Replace A Purse?

When Can An Upscale Wallet Replace A PurseEveryone loves a great purse. It’s a woman’s constant accessory. However, sometimes a purse can just feel like too much.

Upscale Wallets

These days, big wallets are basically mini clutch purses all on their own. Sometimes it can even be hard to tell the difference! The main thing you want to remember is pockets—upscale wallets usually have several, even a big wallet that looks just like a clutch will usually have card slots, an ID window, and cash or change pockets. A clutch purse, just like any other, will usually only have one pocket, it any.

So when is it okay to switch them out? You’re going to have to use your best judgement, because there are some definite pros and cons to using an upscale wallet rather than a purse.

How to Pick the Perfect Wallet

A good upscale wallet doesn’t have to be some fancy one-of-a-kind designer affair, although there are some things you definitely want to look for when choosing the perfect one. Look for quality craftsmanship, even stitching with quality thread, and real leather or some alternate material that will stand up to some wear and tear. Look for heavy, tasteful hardware, not cheap snaps or zips that will snag.

Pros and Cons

The biggest pro is portability. A wallet is so much more organized and easier to deal with than a purse, especially your big hunky handbag. An upscale wallet also looks a little more refined, and can really put an organized girl in her happy place.

Unfortunately, the biggest pro is also the biggest con. There is a definite lack of space. If you’re going to try to pull off an upscale wallet, you need to know exactly what you need to carry around. Wallets are more limited on space than purses, even with all of their pockets.

Being on the Move

If you’re going to be walking around all night, or just running some quick errands, you probably don’t want to carry around a big leather bag around. While there’s not much outside difference between a clutch and a wallet, a clutch is usually seen as more formal, so ditch the wallet if this is a black-tie affair.

Of course, if you’re the daring sort of person, ditch the rules, and carry an upscale wallet anyway. Just make sure it’s really upscale, and wear it with confidence.


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When A Tote Is Completely Out Of Place

When A Tote Is Completely Out Of PlaceIf the designer handbag you invest in is a tote, you might be tempted to use it nearly everywhere to get the maximum time with your investment. After all, it holds everything, looks good, and is easy to use for almost any purpose.

You should know though that if you are buying a designer handbag, you’ll be expected to follow the rules of designer handbags. There is plenty of etiquette surrounding designer handbags, and totes are no exception.

Informal Use Only

The general rule is that the more a bag can hold, and the more practical it is, the less formal its use. Some totes can easily come with you to the office, especially if they have classic sophisticated styling. Others are great for the beach or running errands with the kids because you’ll always have a place to store all the extra things you need for your trip. Totes are highly versatile and often have pockets and dividers inside to help you keep your things in some kind of order so you don’t lose them in a giant bag.

Totes are perfect for everyday life, and come in a wide range of either neutral colors to match nearly any wardrobe choice. They can also come in a wide variety of bright colors and patterns, or with interesting embellishments. They’re a large canvas for showing your personal sense of taste, and their versatility means they’ll come in handy for nearly every occasion. From the gym to the office to a night out with friends, totes and other oversized bags are useful for nearly every woman in every stage of life.

When to Leave it at Home

If you’re going to a dinner party where you’ll have to dress up, it’s time to leave the tote at home. There are plenty of options between totes and clutches so it’s easy to pick one that will suit your needs. Small almost always means dressy, so you’re going to have to give up that room you love for the evening.

On the plus side, if you’re going to a dinner event after work or attend such types of events regularly, totes are also big enough to store smaller purses in them. Chances are likely that you already think of your tote as your urban/suburban bug out bag…storing another purse in it for impromptu events isn’t nearly as strange as it sounds.…

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